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Our Updated Brand

The IEC logo on a navy blue background

We are proud to share our new brand and website that reflect the collaborative nature of our work.

The National Roadmap

An illustration of a clinician in a lab coat talking to a patient in a yellow shirt. There is a woman in a hijab using a wheelchair in the background, speaking to a clinician wearing scrubs.

IEC launched an ambitious plan to support clinicians in providing the best possible care to people with IDD.

Understanding IDD

Female doctor in a white coat smiling at her patient wearing a polo shirt.

Nearly 16 million Americans have IDD, which includes conditions such as autism, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy.

Authentic Engagement

Thomas Mangrum leading an advocate meeting.

Through our IIDDEAL project, we identified six principles for authentic community engagement.

Inspiring Change: Our 2024 Plans

A photo of a person with black hair in a tie-dyed shirt that says Black Lives Matter sits next to a person with glasses wearing a striped polo shirt.

In this newsletter edition, we share project milestones we anticipate in 2024, introduce our new Board chair, and highlight several partners.