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IEC on PBS Newshour

IEC Board Member Interviewed on PBS Newshour

In a recent commentary for STAT, IEC Board member Dena Gassner and co-author John Robison explored recent CDC reports that autism diagnosis among children has risen to 1 in every 36 (up from 1 in 11 in 2006).

The authors state that “The main reason we are finding more autism is simple: Clinicians are getting better at spotting what was always there,” adding that “In the new reports, the balance has shifted, with increasing identification among people of color. We see that as an improvement, but we’ve still got a way to go, particularly when it comes to diagnosing autism in girls and women, in people with less visible symptoms, and others.” (Read the STAT commentary here)

In her PBS Newshour interview, Gassner adds, “This is a relief. It represents the idea that some of these children who were lost in these systems may actually be finding their way home.” Watch the PBS interview here.